The brand new album "De Los Muertos".
Release in January 2023

The new album "De Los Muertos" is the second round. After the debut album "Eisenwelt" in 2015 featured exclusively German-language sounds, Sasha Di Capri was brought on board for "De Los Muertos", a renowned singer for the English lyrics.

Sasha is an experienced singer, musical performer and actor. He has been on stage at Hamburg's Stage-Operettenhaus since autumn 2022 with the musical "Hamilton".

Once again, Johannes Hoffmann from Hamburg's Spalding Studio was responsible for the perfect mixing and mastering, as well as the sound design.

10 brand new rock songs tell stories from life, of joy, loss, fears and, as the title describes, "from the dead".

In addition to radio-ready catchy tunes like "Whisky Trail" and "Fish Bowl Diaries", there are also real metal smash hits with "Fortune & Fate" and "Tom Cat". As on every Unrat album, there is also a fairy tale set to music with "Fortune & Fate", which tells the story of the hare and the hedgehog.

In the form of the epic "Parr's Corner" with a playing time of almost 23 minutes, divided into 9 varied parts, there is a real musical work of art on "De Los Muertos". Based on the well-known legend of the Witch of Blair, a socially critical epic full of dark romanticism was created with fine irony and both ears on the pulse of time.

"De Los Muertos" is a versatile, modern rock album with powerful riffs, interesting harmonies and beautiful vocal melodies. With a brilliant power sound to boot, the volume control definitely belongs on max.