The Unicorn Element

Release 29.02.2024

A good 1 year after the release of "De Los Muertos", there is already a new Unrat album.
The new record is even more varied than its predecessor. Back on board is singer Sasha Di Capri, who is now living in Los Angeles again after his engagement in the musical "Hamilton" in Hamburg. Studio mastermind and producer Johannes Hoffmann is now also behind the drums for the new songs. As drummer for Vanja Sky, he also provides a powerful drive for the new Unrat songs.

This time the album has been released by RockWerk Records. In addition to the physical CD, which you can get here on the website and on the usual suspected ordering platforms, the new album will also be available for download or streaming on Spotify and Co. shortly after the official release date.

Don't hesitate to let us know what you think via the contact form on the website. Whether you're a megastar or a small rehearsal room artist - ultimately, your feedback is the fuel and elixir of life that drives us all!

Rocking regards