about UNRAT



Between 1986 and 1995, as a learned bass player I have been performing with various bands on stage and in the studio. The musical spectrum ranged from rock to progressive metal and modern german hard rock.


Until the end of 2009 then my musical work paused beside one or the other training. But who is connected to music for a long time, is never entirely able to keep his hands off :-) So then I grabbed a guitar and a keyboard and began to write first new songs after a long time.


Thus until spring of 2013, three complete rock albums in english language have been developed but never were produced and released. In early 2013 I began to write material for a fourth CD in german language for the first time. First attempts to release it failed in the summer of 2014 in the search for the right production partners - everything should fit together perfectly...


In late summer 2015 due to a contact with the DRMV (German Rock & Pop Musicians Association) I luckily succeeded in finding an experienced producer and musician in the person of Johannes Hoffmann from Hamburg Spalding Studio. At the same time, a contract for online sales with "Rockwerk Records" has been signed, so that the release, also thanks to the great support from Ole Seelenmeyer, Hinrich Vogt and the whole team of the DRMV, was established very well by now.






The production of "Eisenwelt" had taken a lot of energy at the end of 2015. The consequence was another rather long creative break, because I was really "flat".
Of course, it kept tickling my fingers to make something new. At the end of 2020, the time had finally come. Equipped with new peripherals, I grabbed my instruments again, got to grips with the new technology and slowly worked my way back into it.

Little by little, one song after the other came to life. I put more and more emphasis on content, variety and sound experiments.
So the beginnings of the new album, like "I Am Not", "Pig Head" and "Tom Cat" ended up in an epochal "Parr's Corner", where I could "really let off steam" in several months of work.

In order to finally refine the work, it still needed qualified collaboration on the vocals. It was clear to me that my own modest abilities would no longer do the job justice.
So my producer Johannes Hoffmann, who did an excellent job on the mixing desk, as he did on the last album, and I were able to win Sasha Di Capri, an exceptional artist, for the production.
Sasha is an experienced singer, musical performer and actor. He has been on stage with the successful musical Hamilton in Hamburg since autumn 2022. In every song of "De Los Muertos" you can feel with how much verve and fun Sasha has put into his own interpretation of the songs in the studio. This is really extraordinary! And I can't thank him enough for the fantastic result.

Now that everything is finally ready and bagged, the new disc is on its way to release. Besides the physical CD, which is available here on the website, it will also be available on the usual platforms for streaming and downloading. A release around mid-January 2023 is planned.

We would be very happy if you enjoy the new album as much as we do. Feel free to write us your opinion about it.

PS: It won't take another 7 years until the next release. The next metallic wave is already rolling...





Barely a year has passed and we are already back with a new album.

The production of a musical work consists of several phases. Once you've completed the fun part of the process - writing and developing the songs for a new album - there's usually a lot of hard work to be done. It's comparable to the work of an architect. Once the exciting design work for a building has been completed, things like implementation planning, drawing up tender documents, construction management and auditing follow. These are all things that are much less fun, but make up the bulk of the work.

When further recordings follow in the studio and the mixing and mastering begins, the endless rehearsals also start.

Often, new songs for a potential follow-up album are created in parallel to this work. After all, you can't just listen to the same stuff day in, day out for months on end.

At the time of the release of "De Los Muertos", the majority of the songs for the new album were already more or less finished. But you always need a little distance from new material in order to develop differentiated perspectives.


Even before the release of "De Los Muertos", it was clear to me that the next album would have real drums recorded in the studio. Johannes had been listening to me about this for quite a while.
Fortunately, we took this step. I think the result speaks volumes...

Sasha is also back on board as a singer. Here, too, we have taken another significant step forward.
A BOLD THANK YOU to both of them.

If the journey continues, we will certainly do it again. The ground has already been prepared in the form of a whole series of new songs.

And as always: your opinion and input is vital! So please let us know what you think.



rocking regards


Stefan Frankenberg