about UNRAT

Between 1986 and 1995, as a learned bass player I have been performing with various bands on stage and in the studio. The musical spectrum ranged from rock to progressive metal and modern german hard rock.


Until the end of 2009 then my musical work paused beside one or the other training. But who is connected to music for a long time, is never entirely able to keep his hands off :-) So then I grabbed a guitar and a keyboard and began to write first new songs after a long time.


Thus until spring of 2013, three complete rock albums in english language have been developed but never were produced and released. In early 2013 I began to write material for a fourth CD in german language for the first time. First attempts to release it failed in the summer of 2014 in the search for the right production partners - everything should fit together perfectly...


In late summer 2015 due to a contact with the DRMV (German Rock & Pop Musicians Association) I luckily succeeded in finding an experienced producer and musician in the person of Johannes Hoffmann from Hamburg Spalding Studio. At the same time, a contract for online sales with "Rockwerk Records" has been signed, so that the release, also thanks to the great support from Ole Seelenmeyer, Hinrich Vogt and the whole team of the DRMV, was established very well by now.


And now, here we are in autumn 2015 eagerly waiting to see whether there is anybody else to like that stuff...

... let's see how things turn out  :-)




rocking regards


Stefan Frankenberg